A Wedding!

One of the reasons for my trip to New Zealand was to attend the wedding of my nephew & god son Christopher. The first of the grandchildren in the family to get married. I had a chance to spend time with Christopher and his fiancée Amelia during Christopher’s secondment to the Royal Navy in England during 2012/2013. They chose one of our beautiful lake towns Wanaka to tie the knot, an area well known to me for more than one Happy New Year and where I spent 20 odd days a year skiing in my youth.  They chose a beautiful outdoor venue for the wedding and the weather played ball and gave them a beautiful warm sunny day with more than one of the guests getting a tad sunburnt. Christopher’s naval colleagues resplendent in white provided a Naval Guard of Honour including spanking Amelia’s ass with a sword. The Southern Alps & Lake Wanaka providing the most picturesque of backdrops. A night of great food and dancing provided a perfect finish to a great day.  As a follow up to the wedding, the day after all the family & guests gathered on the shores of Lake Wanaka for a BBQ and boating.

Here are some photos to show just how beautiful New Zealand is and why they chose Wanaka for their wedding.


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