Scankiwi – is a kiwi who has found himself residing in Scandinavia for the last 25 years but still calls New Zealand home. During biennial trips between these two distance parts of the globe he takes the opportunity to explore what is in between and this blog is the result of those adventures.

2 Responses to Scankiwi

  1. Kevin learmonth says:

    Hi Scankiwi,
    Just been reading your blog on John Ericson. His wife Charlotte is my Great Aunt, nee Kidson. Her brother John, was also lighthouse keeper at Boulder rock in Nelson.
    One of my 2nd cousins, first removed, said that Charlottes husband was a keeper so I looked on internet and found your blog.
    John had a full and interesting life.
    Im in Timaru in about a week do will check out John and Charlottes graves as well as the lighthouse there. Charlotte wasnt Irish, she was born in NZ, and her father John was English. I visited Waipapa lighthouse last week on my travels. Vool wooden lighthouse.
    Cheers Kevin

    • Scankiwi says:

      Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for your comment. I will update Charlottes heritage. I descended from Charlotte & Johan’s (John) oldest son Arthur. Charlotte was my great great grandmother. I grew up in the Southland area and spent a lot of time along the Otara coast where the Waipapa Point lighthouse is. I moved to Sweden when I finished my PhD in Medical Microbiology at Otago and forgot to come back. Been here 30 years. So the Swedish part of the family has almost come full circle. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by.

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