Going bush!

First weekend home in NZ, my brother decided to take myself, my cousin & his daughter out into the high country of NZ to do some back country 4WD driving. With the SURF all loaded up we headed for the hills in an area of NZ called the Waikaia. An area I knew well from holidays as a child. This time though we headed into areas I had never been above Piano & Whitecomb flats. During our climb through the NZ rain forest, emerging above the snow line, the tracks became less of a road for a vehicle and more a track for a goat.  We climbed through an altitude of 900 metres and the drop offs over the sides began to look like the sides of Everest. My brother at times avoiding huge ruts in the road would ask me to pop my head out the window and see how much room we had. I would reply only about 20-30 cm. He would reply, great plenty of room to move over some more. At this, my feet would just about push through the floor of the truck. My cousin & his daughter in the back were feeling somewhat car sick by this time.  Then he politely informed us it was time to turn round and head down.Time to get out while he performed this maneuver! From there we head down into the gorge & the Canton bridge. A much less stomach wrenching trip. Here we rested on the banks of the Upper Waikaia river. Pristine clear water where you could watch trout swimming in the water.  On the way back we had to rescue a buggy from the bog! The day ended with a welcome jug of beer (Speights) at the local pub to still the frayed nerves!


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