Road Trip 2018 – Germany, Austria & Switzerland

I have decided I have seen too little of Europe by road.  More often than not, it is just easier to get on a plane and fly there and back, and miss everything in between.  In the autumn of 2017, I made the active decision to change that when I visited Flanders for the centennial commemorations of the WWI Battle of Passchendaele.  I made a commitment, that each year I would try to get out somewhere in Europe and spend 5-7 days doing a road trip.  What I learnt from last year’s trip was you can stubble across absolute gems of places which you would have missed otherwise and these are often the things that leave the strongest memories of a particular trip.

This year’s trip was not decided at random.  It happened to coincide with the visit of my best mate from Kiwiland who had planned a 4 week backpacking trip with his daughter through many of the the Mediterranean countries with a sojourn through Bavaria.  It was decided I would join them on their trip through Austria, Germany & Switzerland.  Perfect road trip material and a way of giving them some relief from their dependency on public transport.  It would also give me a chance to visit some new places in heartland Germany when breaking the trip on the way down and back.

The planned itinerary was as follows covering a distance of 3180 km in the process:

  • Day 1 – Malmö to Kassel
  • Day 2 – Kassel- Nürenburg-Passau-Salzburg
  • Day 3 – Salzburg
  • Day 4 – Brechtesgarten
  • Day 5 – Salzburg to München
  • Day 6 – München to Füssen
  • Day 7 – Füssen/Schwangau
  • Day 8 – Füssen-Vaduz-Luzern
  • Day 9 – Luzern-Würzburg-Göttingen
  • Day 10 – Göttingen to Malmö

So roll on departure day the 4th of June.

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