SIDENOTE: Wonderful Myanmarian Accommodation

(NB! It has been sometime since I updated my blog. A combination of laziness and other priorities. Now when I have found a little time albeit almost 9 months since arriving back in Sweden, I decided of would round off my world trip of earlier this year. Here comes the continuation…)

Couldn’t let it go by without sharing with you the standard of accommodation I have experience throughout Myanmar. This hotel in Bagan was the absolute best – Thazin Garden Hotel. Apartment style living with expansive verandas & gardens, bathtubs the size of swimming pools, outdoor bars, garden and roof top restaurants, electric mopeds, ?chilled? swimming pools :o, and thoughtful “house boys” 🙂 who decorated your bed each night with flower petals and left hilarious little notes. 🙂

The hotel is ensconced in the middle of the temple ruins in Bagan where they encroach on the hotel from all angles. Beautiful site at breakfast and over evening drinks & dinner.

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