Odds & Ends

Well, my travel blog has not kept up with my travels as I now find myself in Sydney and soon about to head to Cambodia, but anyway here comes an update from New Zealand.

After my busy first 2 weeks of travel I found myself able to have 2 weeks just chilling out around home not doing a hell of a lot. Pottering about and watching lots of cricket including seeing NZ beat both the West Indies and the #1 team in the world – India. It also finally saw the arrival of a replacement laptop and the chance to catch up on some work.

The weather varied in the extreme from hot days to cold & windy however never really prohibiting the chance to get outside.  Being summer I was able to partake of the fresh fruit & vege that was available: new potatoes, cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines & rhubarb. Wonderful!

My last weekend home, saw the family gather for a get together before I left. When all my brothers & sisters and partners and kids are gathered we make 20. The day after my brother and I made a visit to a friend’s summer house which Dad built back in the 50s and a chance to see one of my favourite holiday day areas – Lake Manapouri. I managed even a visit to my Dad and the relatives at the Otautau cemetery before it was time to say goodbye to the family, board the plane and leave the South Island of NZ and head for Auckland and Hamilton in the North Island.

More to come soon, so in the meantime here are some images of my hometown & Lake Manapouri

Image ImageImage ImageImage

ImageImage Image


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